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Gedenkstätte Bonn

The Bonn Memorial and NS-Documentation Center

The Bonn Memorial Center features a permanent exhibition showing how political opponents, the Jewish population, Sinti as well as other inhabitants of Bonn and the region were no longer allowed to belong to German society after the National Socialists seized power.

Open Wednesdays to Saturdays from 12 to 6 pm

Political opponents initially resisted, Jewish families fled to neighbouring countries or left Europe altogether. For those who stayed behind, the situation became increasingly dangerous. 

The exhibition also remembers the patients of medical institutions in Bonn, many of whom were systematically killed (euthanasia crimes 1939-1945). It also illustrates the living conditions of almost 10,000 forced laborers and prisoners of war who were displaced to Bonn.

The non-profit association for the Bonn Memorial Center was founded in 1984, and an initial temporary exhibition was established in Bad Godesberg. Since 1996, a permanent exhibition has been located in Franziskanerstraße 9 and updated regularly. The Memorial Center became a municipal institution in 2021; the former institutional association has been transformed into a support association.

Admission to the exhibition is free

Guided tours, walks and workshops for groups of students and adults can also be arranged outside of regular opening hours.  All educational offers are free. 

You can support our work with a donation to the support association Förderverein Gedenkstätte und NS-Dokumentationszentrum e.V.


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For more information and background, visit the memorial's German-language site
Bonn Memorial and NS-Documentation Center

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